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Then i restarted the mac mini, as before.

Mirroring & Extended Display on Macbook Air

Everything now sings. I have a macbook air and the tip worked for me — except once the display was detected by the macbook, it was flickering. After futiley trying ever-hold-down-this-and-that-key-while-restarting tip I could find on the Internet, this worked! And so simple. Happy day! This is my only option. Anyone have any more help?

Been getting this too, after no issues for years with a Mac Mini.

How To Do Split Screen On Mac

I have upgraded to Sierra recently so perhaps that is the problem. All working headless as I can screen share from the Mac Mini. So problem is simply detecting the monitors. Very frustrating. The fixes here do not work for me and should not be required. Only way to get things going again is to reboot. Great tip thanks. Was very worried that my monitor was not working.

I seem to be encountering this issue a lot recently; plug in external monitor, no automatic display detection, yet works fine when I trigger it manually.

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It randomly fails to detect the attached monitor after wake from sleep. Never fails to detect upon reboot. Hey there…. I applied the restart with Option key in the past and it worked fine. However today I encountered the same problem and now it does not work… is there any update on this issue? Your method worked!. Now I have to undo all the other stuff I did to try to make this work, like auto login etc.

Those suggestions were ineffective. Great tidbit.

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Well done, to the point. But it works fine when I use VGA monitor cable. Hi Everyone — I have solved this problem with the help of telephone support. Initially I was disheartened after reading all that has been written in this particular article comments section, but luckily I managed to crack this. I had earlier used a samsung with the mac mini, and straight out of the box, it matched with the samsung.

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It appears that this leaves the mac mini with the memory of the samsung. That has stayed undisturbed. The less elegant way to do all this is to have a Apple TV connected by ethernet or wifi to your router, and a mac mini to the same router, and then the Sony TV will accept anything your mac mini has, provided it is iTunes compatible. If the apple TV is jailbriken, then you can use some other formats and a whole lot of other programs. There is plenty of literature around the how and why of apple Tv jailbreaking. I had the same issue with my Macbook Pro and LG display. I guess something needs to be cleared in order to let the mac connect to a second device.

Anyway, I had to run through the procedure above twice, but it worked. Warning tho, it cleared my wifi connection and I had to dig around for that password I had on an index card. I have no idea yet what else may have been cleared, we will see. Been in touch with Apple twice. I was advised that a Thunderbolt cable would work.

I bought one at the Apple store. The only port the cable fits into at the Dell is called, DPin. I did the option thing in the Display screen. Same here. No worky. SMC reset, regular restart, nothing. I did that ridiculous Option trick for Detect Displays, and nothing. This sucks so much. I am not wondering of Steve Jobs really did have that much influence on things. Many bugs.

2. Check Your Cables

Hi there Still trying to connect my second screen which was working fine up until Christmas. Have restarted, updated etc. Incredibly frustrating.

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Thanks for your help so far! Has anyone figured this out yet? Option key will allow me to see the detect displays but nothing after that? I need this to work for my class! Everything was all easy before upgrading! Tried the detect displays button, but no dice. Occasionally I can make the 2nd monitor work by unplugging cable from monitor at the mac and plugging it into the other thunderbolt port.

Otherwise, 5 to 10 minutes later, the second monitor wakes up. Talk about speedy processors…. This is great info as I had one display which would not detect all the time but this made it work. Same problem here. Now it may as well be a dead monitor.

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Pretty frustrated about this, I need this landscape monitor for Eclipse — coding on a Macbook Pro even if the screen is pretty big is still a bit cramped. Having the same issue.

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Monitor worked fine until now, really need it for work. Any update on other ways to make this work? I followed your direction and could click Detect Displays button. Odd that the detect display is hidden. Why would Mac do this? That is the question. Steve Jobs would not approve. His point was to make things easy.

How to use the split-screen feature on a Mac computer

This reminds me of the days of cntrl alt delete on PCs! Possibly computer scientists have finally gone off the deep end of the digital world since Jobs is not there now to slap them back into reality. Read More. This extends to issues with your monitor as well. Resetting your SMC can fix issues with display management and ports not functioning as they should.

After reading this, you might be put off on the idea of running more than one monitor. Most of the time, running multiple monitors is as easy as plugging them in. Instead of multiple monitors, you can run multiple desktops.