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Mac Miller - Thoughts From A Balcony (Prod. by Sap)

I told my story, put my life inside this ink pen Said I'll make it big when, everybody know me Well, I made it big and, everybody phony Haha, so could you pour me, I need a cup No, none of that liquor, mixin' purple stuff I could talk my pain, but would it hurt too much Go head, judge me, hate cost money, but this love free [Hook: They just dreams, turn 'em to reality Double-cup of lean, standin' on my balcony Looking at the street, thinkin' it could all be mine All we got is memories, so what the f-ck is time?

So what the f-ck is time?

Ask 'em, what the f-ck is time? Mac Miller] What do you do when you think you could be an icon?

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Thoughts from a Balcony

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