Rosetta Stone Update issue for Version 4 and Version 3

After the installation completes, click finish.

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Open Rosetta Stone and add your Language Levels. Click Add a Language Level.

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On some Windows computers, the auto-play wizard may open a new window. Close this window. Go back to Rosetta Stone and click Continue. As the level installs, the following screen will appear, showing how much time is left in the installation process: Click Continue after the level has been installed. Jul 22, 1, Roaring Apps shows that Rosetta Stone v.

Bending Pixels said:. DerekHostalek macrumors member. Jan 3, 34 0 Illinois. Right, but no one has added information about version 3 which is what I am looking at. Jul 27, 1 0. Installed Lion this morning and just tested my Rosetta Stone v3. Works same as before!

Rosetta Stone Unveils New Mac App with macOS Catalina

Sokar macrumors newbie. Jul 20, 7 0 Luxembourg. Jul 21, 2 0. Rosetta 3. The dialog box grays out upon asking me to speak "1,2,3,4,5". In the Sound preferences panel the headset detects fine. Are you guys having luck with your headsets? Jun 13, 63 0. Mazeman macrumors regular. Oct 14, Called Rosetta Stone and they said version 3 should work. I installed Lion, and they were correct. No problems. Jul 23, 1 0. When the Microphone setup page is displayed, the list of available microphone input devices is empty and the refresh button does nothing to change that.

However, I have two recognized and working microphones on this iMac. One is the regular internal iMac microphone and the other is the Rosetta Stone supplied headset with microphone. Jul 23, 2 0. I'm having the same issue with Rosetta Stone not recognizing input devices in Lion. Line-in and built in microphone both work in all other apps I've tried. I did some searching, tried the Line-in and Soundflower combination to see if Rosetta would recognize those, but no dice. Anyone gotten their input devices to show up in Rosetta? Apr 10, 98 8. I just installed Lion. I am having the same issues with rosetta stone detecting no microphone.

When i go into preferences within rosetta stone the drop down box for me to select a mic is completely empty. I have tried using sound flower and nothing seems to work. Anyone called rosetta stone about this? In level one, each unit has a minute lesson and some activities that are five to fifteen minutes long.

Level 1 takes up to 24 hours to complete. Starting from simple vocabulary such as basic greetings, "boy", "girl", "man", and "woman", moving up through numbers, comparisons, adjectives, nouns, verb conjugation, and telling time. Each unit also contains a ten-minute simulated conversation called a "Milestone". Level 2 offers a total of about twenty-four hours designed to teach the user to "navigate your surroundings as you build on the vocabulary and essential language structure in Level 1. Topics such as giving directions, writing letters, workplace terms, apologies, discussing emotions, and criticizing art are also covered.

As in Level 1, each unit is followed by a ten-minute "Milestone". Level 3 offers instruction designed to help "connect with the world around you by building on the language fundamentals and conversational skills you developed in Levels 1 and 2. As in the first two levels, each unit contains a ten-minute "Milestone" activity in which the user participates in a simulated conversation. Levels 4 and 5 teach more complex sentence structures, higher verbal tenses, and more irregular verbs, and introduce more vocabulary.

On 9 June , Rosetta Stone introduced an addition to its Version 3 product line : Audio Companion, supplemental audio recordings of words and phrases. The student is meant to repeat the spoken words and phrases for practice and memorization. Each Audio Companion supplements one level of the language course, and each disc supplements a specific unit.

Complete Version 4 course packages include Audio Companion material for each level. The Endangered Language Program was created in for use by endangered language communities engaged in language revitalization. Organizations that contract the Endangered Language Program to develop custom software own the sales and distribution rights over their final product, allowing communities control over this language resource and respecting indigenous intellectual property rights.

Based in Harrisonburg, Virginia , the Endangered Language Program began offering a corporate grant program in to underwrite development costs for awarded communities. The Endangered Language Program also offers paid internships to graduate and undergraduate students interested in contributing to the work of the program. Frequent criticism of the program arises in its lack of sensitivity to the differences between the various languages it comes in and their respective cultures.

In the most recent version, there have been some modifications to the picture set for certain languages or regions. Another frequent issue was the use of more formal vocabulary than that regularly used by native speakers. In , Macworld reviewer Cyrus Farivar noted that his Persian CD used khodrow for "car", although most native speakers use a French loanword , ma:sheen.

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The same course did not teach words that would be important to someone learning Persian , such as "bread" and "tea"; however, it very curiously included the word "elephant" in a basic vocabulary lesson. Perplexed by the question of why the word "elephant" would be taught in a language where it might never be used there are not many elephants in Iran , Farivar called Rosetta Stone, Inc.

He was told that the company makes four different picture sets: one for Western languages, another for Asian languages, and two sets unique to each Swahili and Latin. The Persian language CD was using the Western picture set, which explains why the images were not culturally relevant. Writing in , Donald McRae of Brock University said that Rosetta Stone represented "good pedagogy" and that "the authors of the program never lose sight of solid teaching methodology". He described the Version 2 German language course as "very good", but indicated that he had "some reservations".

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In a review of the Version 2 Russian language course, Mark Kaiser, director of the Language Media Center at the University of California, Berkeley , called the program "woefully inadequate for a number of reasons". One of Kaiser's observations was that Rosetta Stone software fails to provide a relevant cultural context. Because the company uses the same stock photographs for all its language courses, they depict people, activities, and manufactured goods that are conspicuously American. Kaiser also found that Rosetta Stone Version 2 does not provide a way for students to evaluate their conversation skills, and that some of the words and phrases are too English-based.

The language-learning specialist Stephen Krashen found that the few studies on the software produced learning results that were "about as effective as traditional instruction on traditional tests. The user purchases a licence to use the software, which is non-transferable. Up to five members of a household may use a single licence. In December , the United States Army offered a special military version of Arabic to help troops deploying to the Middle East learn the language for conversations and phrases important in a military situation.

Rosetta Stone's Army contract ended on September 24, Other branches of the U. S military also offered Rosetta Stone software.


The United States Air Force also offers a similar version to company-grade officers. The U. Department of State uses Rosetta Stone Version 3 as of as a companion to their in-class and distance learning language programs provided through the Foreign Service Institute.

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It is free for civil and foreign service employees. The program teaches Spanish through a series of images that, when clicked on, show the vocabulary word. The student will speak into a microphone and speech recognition software will correct mispronounced words, according to Reilly Brennan, Rosetta Stone's Director of Public Relations. The course is available to adults who want to complete a degree for teaching and non-degree seeking students are eligible to take the class.

The program is accessed completely online and follows a syllabus approved by Rosetta Stone and James Madison University.

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