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The various filters for the Microsoft Office file formats also make mixed environments possible, so that some users stay on Microsoft Office while others use OpenOffice.

How to Open Pages Documents With OpenOffice Writer

The new solver component should be particularly interesting to Mac users considering that Microsoft Office for Mac OS X apparently does not include a solver feature anymore. Many OpenOffice.

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The OpenOffice. Thus; now it's possible to draw error bars based on error ranges provided in spreadsheet cells. In addition, it is possible to display regression equations as well as correlation coefficients. With support for columns; OpenOffice.

Also available in other platforms

Previous versions only supported columns. When you are writing larger documents; it is often nice to see the current page in a context, i. With the new zoom slider, it is now easily possible to change the zoom factor.

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More importantly, OpenOffice. This features is particularly handy on large monitors or dual-monitor setups. The Sidebar makes better use of today's widescreen displays than traditional toolbars. The 'Properties' deck is context-sensitive and shows panels with the document properties that are most frequently used for the current editing task.

The width of the Sidebar can be adjusted. The controls adapt their size accordingly. If you need more space then it can be undocked — and possibly moved to a second display — or it can be reduced to a thin tab bar. A single click on one of the icons and the sidebar is back. Fidelity and interoperability improvement is an ongoing goal for Apache OpenOffice.

How To Install LibreOffice For macOS (2018)

And there are many improvements going in to the new version. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version 4. Downloads , Version Downloads 6, License Free. Date 19 Nov Price Free.

Free alternative to Office on Mac

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