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MAC 120 color Eyeshadow Palette *HOT*,fake mac makeup,discount mac makeup,wholesale price

MAC is a very popular and expensive high-end makeup brand that many people try to purchase. They do sell smaller palettes though, so if you see a MAC palette with eyeshadows. Anyway I hope this helps you find out how to spot a fake product. The font colors of authentic MAC products are in light gray.

And they stand up against creasing quite well! Thanks girls! Anyway, I don't mind, because it's excellent quality and was a great bargain.

I need to do a lil study on old MAC stuffs, in case I'd stumble upon a good priced deal not from the current releases. I'm not too familiar with the older ones. I'll be more cautious next time on ebay! And you girls do so too! And by now you might noticed I'm a fan of SimplyyJ.

Okay, I never bought anything handmade from others, but the things I've seen so far didn't call out to me. But not hers. I love them!


Sooooo, she helds her first giveaway , so if you liked the stuffs I've shown before, check ot her blog and giveaway! The prizes:.

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The two hearts pendant is my favourite! Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. Very old?

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Ah, I don't care! Here is the sleek, black, soft touching case. Love it! And the shadows with and without flash. Actually, I don't dare to use the sponge applicators. They are so soft, I pity them.

Mary's Wonderland: [FAKE!!!OMG!!!!] MAC Cream Eyeshadow palette & EOTD & SimplyyJ Giveaway

And the swatches, in order. I was afraid of the orange, but in fact it's a pretty golden-ish yellow.

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I use it mainly to add a sunny shine in the middle of my lid only, over a dark shadow. The swatches were made with my fingertips. With brushes they are more sheer. And I found application easier with sponge type applicator, so I ad to purchase some more only for this palette. I especially like the browns and the white. It's a nice highlighter under the brows. The vivd blue at the bottom and the turquoise one looks horrible on me.