Viêm Gan B: Đó là việc của mọi gia đình

Quy Nhon has a decent and growing cafe culture. Apart from seafood, Quy Nhon has a lively street food scene. You can find it all over the city, but Ngoc Lien is a firmly established local favourite.

Viêm Gan B: Đó là việc của mọi gia đình

Across the Thi Nai Lagoon from Quy Nhon, via one of the longest causeways in the country, the Phuong Mai Peninsular is a wide, rugged, sand-swept area with some of the most amazing coastal scenery anywhere in Vietnam. Ever since the new QL19B road opened several years ago, people have slowly been discovering this strikingly beautiful promontory. As access has gotten better, so more and more previously hidden beaches have opened to visitors. Despite some major investments, tourist development is still in its infancy.

But all the infrastructure is already in place, meaning you can get to almost all the beaches and islets in this region. Crowds are large on weekends and holidays, but other than that, visitor numbers are reasonable and general cleanliness is good. On the right side after crossing the causeway over to the peninsular, Cua Bien Seagate is an adventure theme park with a climbing wall, zip line, kayaking on the lagoon and other water-related activities.

Continue straight ahead on wide empty roads and turn down a small, concrete lane heading to the southern tip of the peninsular, to Nhon Hai fishing village. A scruffy little place with an end-of-the-line feel, Nhon Hai occupies a fabulous position on a crescent sand bay hemmed in by cliffs, with a couple of rocky islands just off shore. The sea here is an attractive turquoise colour. Boats take visitors on short snorkeling trips to the islands and floating restaurants.


A new, elevated road is under construction around the cliffs south of the village, which will eventually lead to the long, white sands of Hai Giang Beach just behind the headland. Hai Giang can also be reached by road from the north, but at the time of writing the road was in bad condition. Wandering through the village is interesting, and there are a couple of Buddhist temples. The northern end of the peninsular is reached via the wide and empty Highway QL19B , which slices through a sandy, arid landscape.

A turn off leads to the hideous and humongous new FLC Resort complex, complete with golf course and safari zoo, probably the first of many such developments in this area. On the other side of the resort, three fishing villages — Eo Gio, Nhon Ly, and Xuong Ly — cluster around the base of a barren outcrop. There are attractive beaches on either side of the headland, where dozens of blue-painted wooden fishing boats lie at anchor. The villages themselves are fascinating and rough around the edges.

A tangle of narrow passages weave from one side to the other, like a medieval village. Buddhist pagodas, monuments, and colossal statues dot the villages and hillsides. Pathways criss-cross the arid hills, affording marvellous views. Personally, I find Xuong Ly , on the south side of the headland, the most attractive and least touristy of the villages. Most people simply refer to the villages and headland as Eo Gio. Probably the most talked about beach in Vietnam right now, Ky Co is a drop-dead gorgeous wedge of white sand between two giant rocky buttresses, which isolate the beach completely.

Until recently, it was only possible to access Ky Co by boat chartered from Eo Gio, Nhon Ly, Xuong Ly or Nhon Hai villages , but now there is an absurdly steep and scenic road running atop the cliffs south of Eo Gio, before descending almost vertically to the beach itself. Parking is 5,vnd; entrance is 60,vnd; and the transfer is 40,vnd. Ky Co justifies the hype it has received over the last year. The first glimpse of it really is jaw-dropping.

Vietnamese travellers, unlike many Western ones, like to be where the action is: on Ky Co this is at the centre of the bay, where the boats come and go at the pier, photography kiosks take your picture on the sands, a beach restaurant serves food and techno music , and jet skis can be rented. There are caverns and pretty little coves at the far end, too. The water is perfect for bathing and there are showers, changing rooms, bamboo-and-thatch huts, and a couple of snack outlets. Litter is not yet a problem, because staff are employed to go around constantly picking up the trash that people discard on the beach, and because Ky Co has a no outside food and drink policy.

A resort is currently under construction at the northern end of the beach, and change, I guess, is inevitable. Ky Co beach, wedged between two steep, rocky cliffs, has received a lot of attention on social media. The money shot of Ky Co Beach is actually above the bay, before you reach the parking lot. The ledge here affords a panoramic view down over Ky Co: get your cameras ready. One of the best views of Ky Co beach is from the communications tower near the entrance. Beautifully situated at the north end of the the long, arcing beach stretching all the way from Eo Gio, Trung Luong is backed by boulder-strewn hills and a gigantic seated Buddha presiding over the entire bay.

Below the Buddha, Trung Luong village is a mix of concrete box homes and older, tile-roofed houses from the s. Exploring its backstreets is interesting, especially in the late afternoons when street food is available here and there. The beach itself is very attractive and good for bathing.

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The new, tasteful Crown Resort is great for a cocktail overlooking the sands see Accommodation for details. Trung Luong is a lovely, arcing beach at the northern end of the Phuong Mai Peninsular. From Trung Luong, coastal roads DT and DT curl along a beautiful stretch of ocean, past some tantalizing beaches and bays. The ride from Trung Luong all the way to Tam Quan 90km , where the road ends as it meets Highway QL1A, is a glorious road trip if you have your own wheels. For a map of this stretch of road and the coast beyond it, all the way to Hoi An and Dong Hoi, take a look at my Coast Road guide.

The following accommodation options are listed as if travelling from south to north along the Phu Yen and Quy Nhon coast; corresponding to the same place names as my list of beaches above.

All the accommodation options below are marked on my map. You can support this website by booking hotels through the links on this page see below for details.

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All my reviews are independent and I never receive money in return for writing about a hotel. Or, if you have your own tent, you can pitch it for free you just have to pay the 20,vnd entrance fee. This is excellent value for budget travellers, and there can be few better located campsites in Vietnam.

Read more about accommodation on Dai Lanh Beach here. Tuy Hoa has a good range of accommodation options for all budgets. Most of the places to stay are around Hung Vuong Street, which is just a few blocks from the beach. Although there are several hotels right on the beachfront road Doc Lap Street , they are generally big, soulless edifices, aimed at domestic tour groups.

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However, a hotel building boom is set to commence on the beach in the near future. Dorm beds and private rooms are set in an attractive villa with classy, modern furnishings. The views from the rooms and the rooftop bar and restaurant are fantastic. Saigon-Phu Yen Hotel is also several storeys high and in need of some renovations. Tuy Hoa has many accommodation options in all price ranges: this is a guest room at CenDeluxe Hotel.

Spacious bungalows dot a small hill with extensive gardens. Long Thuy has a couple of mini-hotels near the beach, and VietStar Resort is also nearby. The nearest accommodation is VietStar Resort and the mini-hotels in Long Thuy village: see above for details.

For now, head to Long Thuy or Tuy Hoa for a place to stay the night. Again, the nearest places to stay are Long Thuy or Tuy Hoa. A few minutes further up the road, Kim Gia Trang tel: is a large and ornate roadside guest house. But there are also a couple of guest house along the highway north of town, including AStop tel: which has chalets and an infinity pool right on the Xuan Dai Bay. So far, there are only a couple of accommodation options on the beautiful long, empty beaches of Xuan Thinh Peninsular.

They are right next door to each other on the sands of Vinh Hoa Beach , at the northeastern end of the peninsular.

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This is the very early stages of tourism in this area, so come now and see it in its infancy, because things are only going to getting bigger. Bai Tram Hideaway Resort is currently undergoing a major expansion and will be closed for the foreseeable. Its setting, on a lush hillside with an easy descent through the rocks to an isolated beach, is marvellous. Here there are shabby but cheap ,vnd bungalows near the beach.

However, this was undergoing repairs at the time of writing June and showed no signs of reopening soon. Currently being refurbished, it should be open by the time you read this. Another budget choice on Bai Bau beach is the run-down but scenically located Trung Duong. Over the past few years, a clutch of excellent budget and mid-range accommodations have opened on Bai Xep beach and fishing hamlet.

And, around Bai Xep hamlet, several high-end resorts dot the sands.