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We had a case where the user's laptop had an Intel on-board graphic but some ATI drivers were installed. There can be two paths to this problem: either some library is simply missing, therefore FreeCAD will refuse to start, or the library is there, but it is an older version than the one FreeCAD expects, so a crash will occur when FreeCAD attempts to use a missing feature from that library. A common example is when you have Qt3 and Qt4 installed on your system, FreeCAD might detect Qt4 but if your Qt installation is not properly configured, some pieces of Qt3 might still be used, provoking crashes.

Please review the installing procedure, make sure you installed all the required libraries on most linux systems this is done automatically , and check what is the minimum version number for each of the components. If everything seems correct, describe the problem on the forum or submit a bug.

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If you are on a linux system, it is easy to do a debug backtrace, which provides very useful information about the crash to the developers:. This can happen on the KDE desktop when using the Oxygen theme. That's a bug in the Oxygen theme and choosing another theme should fix this issue. If a message error appears when the crash occurs, mentioning Assertion Failed , and a component name beginning with "So" SoBase , SoFieldContainer , etc.

To verify if that is indeed the problem, try the following:. The normal behavior is to try to contact the people responsible for packaging either SoQt or FreeCAD and kindly ask them to consider recompiling. If you want to undertake that step for yourself, and it is not possible to recompile SoQt because it breaks other applications on your system, you can force FreeCAD to compile with the required Coin version with. But you have to make sure that the correct development package of this Coin version is installed. This means that the implementation of VBO in the graphic driver is bad.

The Mac platform is less easy to support than Windows or Linux, since none of the core developers owns one.

Programmi per editing video Mac

The OSX packages are compiled by volunteering FreeCAD users, and they might sometimes not work correctly on your machine, depending on your system. Your best chance is probably to head to the forums, look for Mac OSX-related threads, and discuss your problem there or see if someone else encountered a solution. You most likely have bad windows regional settings set-up. Please check if you have the same symbol for decimal separator and digit grouping symbol in your regional settings.

If you do, adapt your system settings to use different characters for the digit grouping symbol and decimal separator. Note that it is not mandatory to have dot as decimal separator. It is mandatory to use different symbols in these two settings. This can also happen if you had an older version of FreeCAD installed, and you upgraded to a newer version.

In that process, the configuration files of FreeCAD might have been corrupted for some reason, and now FreeCAD cannot read them anymore, and fails to start. The solution is simply to delete these configuration files, so FreeCAD will recreate them on first run. There is a Macro findConfigFiles available to help in locating your configuration files. It can be installed using the Addon Manager in the Tools menu.

The macro will find your config file folder, copy it to the clipboard, and attempt to open that location with your default file browser. It makes no changes to your files or settings. FreeCAD is open-source software , and is free not only to use, for yourself or for doing commercial work, but also to distribute, modify, or even use in a closed-source application. To summarize, you are free to do almost anything you want with it. See the Licence page for more details.

From the right button mouse. FreeCAD has several different navigation modes available, that can be set in the preferences settings dialog or changed by right-clicking in the 3D view. For full details about the modes, see the Mouse Model page.

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For the default mode "CAD Navigation" , the commands are as follows,. Holding down Ctrl allows the selection of multiple objects. The cursor location when the middle mouse button is pressed determines the center of rotation. Rotation works like spinning a ball which rotates around its center. If the buttons are released before you stop the mouse motion, the view continues spinning , if this is enabled.

With this method the middle mouse button may be released after the right mouse button is held pressed. Head to the Getting started page for a quick description of the tools you can use.

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There is also a new Tutorials section containing a few resources. Note that since FreeCAD is relatively new, its user interface is still very bare and doesn't feature many tools. But much more advanced functionality is already available to you from python scripting. There is at the moment still little documentation for beginners, unfortunately, but the Tutorials section contains some pages to help you getting started. Maybe your questions are already answered there. Nel settembre del viene rilasciato l'aggiornamento gratuito a Nel , Apple presenta Jaguar, la versione Mac OS X Leopard Il sistema operativo inoltre include alcune tecnologie atte a meglio sfruttare i processori multicore e le moderne schede grafiche che vengono vendute con i computer attuali.

Poche settimane dopo, Apple ha messo in vendita alcune Pendrive USB per poter installare il sistema operativo senza passare attraverso lo store. Con questa nuova major release, il sistema perde il sostantivo distintivo "Mac" e si chiama semplicemente "OS X". Essa integra alcune caratteristiche viste antecedentemente in iOS 5. Sono state potenziate inoltre altre applicazioni come Note, Foto e Mappe, con l'aggiunta a quest'ultima dei dati relativi alle reti di trasporto pubbliche.

Per le versioni del sistema in lingua cinese e giapponese, sono state introdotte nuove famiglie di caratteri e, per la lingua giapponese, dei miglioramenti al metodo di scrittura. Per quanto riguarda gli strumenti di sviluppo, il sistema estende il supporto alla codifica di applicazioni tramite il linguaggio Swift 2. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Disambiguazione — "Mac OS X" rimanda qui. URL consultato il 10 gennaio archiviato dall' url originale l'11 ottobre URL consultato l'8 luglio URL consultato il 25 aprile URL consultato il 3 novembre URL consultato il 18 gennaio URL consultato il 27 febbraio archiviato dall' url originale il 9 dicembre URL consultato il 16 ottobre archiviato dall' url originale il 18 ottobre URL consultato il 21 giugno archiviato dall' url originale il 15 giugno URL consultato il 12 gennaio URL consultato il 25 luglio Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons.

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