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Super Smash Bros adds Punch-Out!! star

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A sampling of some other recent additions to the Smash Bros. And there were also some upgrades made to the iconic Home Run Bat and controversial changes made to the way edge-grabbing will work in the game. Super Smash Bros. And while the game will come to both 3DS and Wii U, the title will not feature cross-play capabilities. But that leaves a lot of time to add even more characters to the roster. Who would you like to see? Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

Email news gamespot. Little Macs Mega Punch may take longer to charge at its most powerful, but the amount of charge also appears to be user-controlled--a handy luxury that should keep opponents guessing. Its not entirely clear to me why Villager is assisting Mac by burying Pit, only to get socked in the face immediately after. Did the two have some kind of deal? A debt owed? Is Villager simply a genuine good samaritan, forever destined for betrayal in the unforgiving world of Super Smash? Regardless, Mega Punch is clearly a powerful move that, when paired with the insta-kill Star Punch, makes Little Mac a serious KO threat at almost all times.

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Whether or not theyre actually the same move is not yet known, but if the above clip is any indication, its a versatile attack that can rack up quick damage as well as act as a finishing blow. Beyond its versatility, the Uppercut will likely work well in conjunction with Macs basic punches and jabs.

Its cool to think about keeping an opponent incapacitated for extended periods via quick and varied punches, slowly wearing them away as you would in an actual Punch Out!! I cant be sure, but I have a feeling that getting rung-up by one of Little Macs whopping finishers after a solid two minutes of furious pummeling will be one of the more demoralizing experiences in the game.

There's also a chance the Uppercut is the final punch in his Neutral Attack--we don't know for sure.

Super Smash Bros 4 All Cutscenes / All Character Trailers - Wii U and 3DS 【1080p HD】 +Mewtwo

This is just mean. Its not all that bad watching Marth get hammered, but imagine these body blows striking Kirby, or even Yoshi. The poor dinosaur would squeal in pain as bruises formed on his soft underbelly, only to be rolled unconscious off the edge of the stage and dragged away by those deformed Shy Guys from Yoshis Story. Hopefully he can at least listen to that games theme music while he recovers. From the looks of it, Mac initiates some impressive punches when in the clinch, pounding on his enemy with body blows when grappled. They look fast, too, likely dealing more close-range damage than other, similar grapple attacks.

It would be especially cool if the move caused enemies to have their wind knocked out, resulting in brief incapacitation similar to that of a broken shield. Sadly, we have no reason to believe this will be the case. Id call this more odd than anything else. Seeing Bowser morph into a hulking, lumbering creature isnt all that weird since hes already non-human, but Mac? His heavily-muscled hunchback form is somewhat disconcerting.

As usual, Final Smashes may not factor in very strongly with certain competitive players, but those of us that do leave Smash Balls turned on will surely have a good time with Macs juiced-up form. Theres not much to go by, but odds are that coming into contact with Macs fists as he Hulk-smashes around the stage will result in either an instant KO or a hefty dose of knockback.