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I settled on a drive which offers the best of both worlds in my eyes. On the performance side, it has 8GB of flash memory caked onto the PCB which uses algorithms to "intelligently store" the most used data for the console to speed up load times in key areas. Check, check, check! This is the same drive I used to replace my stock Xbox One X hard drive.

So far, so good! Image Source: TechReport. Compare this to going SSD, and you're in for a world of hurt.

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I'm not that much of a purist. But honestly, I think the performance "kick" that the 8GB of flash provides on SSHDs is well worth the extra money -- which isn't all that much honestly. I see it this way: I want to upgrade my Xbox One X preferably only once in its lifespan, and I want to make my effort to disassemble and reassemble the console count on the first try.

I'm going to provide an abridged version of this process since much of the technical disassembly nitty gritty has been covered by others already online. Links to these resources will be included where needed. NOTE: There are widely published methods older ones that cover how to "clone" the original drive in your Xbox One console to a new one using cloning software.

Unless you are replacing a like-for-like size drive and why would you? I tested this on my Xbox One X on a first attempt and fell into the same issue. The new drive you bought needs to be properly partitioned to match what Microsoft ships on the drives it uses in factory line consoles. The Xbox One OS software uses these indicators when doing updates or factory resets, and these need to be in line for long term operation of the new drive. Per the forum post by tai here, there is a file called "xboxonehdd-master The full instructions on this process are within the zip file. I am NOT linking to the file directly as its location may change and I assume the forum post would update it down the road.

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Once done, if using Windows for example, Disk Manager should show a total of about 5 partitions on the new drive -- all matching, to spec, what Microsoft uses to split its drives from the factory. There is some additional magic done by this script, including applying what are known as GUIDs to the partitions, which are the secret sauce for telling the Xbox One how to treat the drive in the course of a factory reset down the road.

This is where cloning methods published online fail to be long term solutions. That's right, Microsoft hosts clean and regularly updated versions of the Xbox One OS software installer files publicly since they have their own processes which allow gamers to perform offline updates when trouble strikes their consoles. This means, technically, the install process used to stage your new Xbox One drive is as pure as what Microsoft uses from the factory line. This means we are not "hacking" or "modding" the console or OS in any way. The files are unmodified and direct from Microsoft servers, hence why my belief that Microsoft would ever ban a console that uses this method is as close to zilch as you can get.

If you were curious how I got into my Xbox One X to remove its drive, here is the official video I used:. The part where the hard drive removal begins is about into the video for those curious. I did have to play the video back a few times to get all screw locations correct, but the process is absolutely correct with how iFixIt covered it in their teardown above. Another thing of curiosity is how relatively easy it was to get into the Xbox One X compared to my original Xbox One.

While not a gaming PC in ease of entry, it's about as nice as a "set top box" device that I've seen. Modular and well labeled too with clear, large numbers on all major parts inside -- a hint that Microsoft actually doesn't mind this upgrade? OK I do wish that iFixIt took a chance to show the teardown process in reverse above, but they got me this far so I will reserve judgement.

I merely played back the video starting from the rear, breaking down pieces of the assembly process into snips that I could rewind just to get my bearings straight. One thing of note is that I had a decently tough time getting the top cover back onto the Xbox One X on my first try.

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It was quite easy to remove, but the process of getting it back on is actually simpler than I thought: it uses a "sliding process" to be slid all the way from the rear towards the front. If you do this and don't try to "bend over" the one larger side first and sandwich the cover onto the console, it will slip on like a glove. DON'T use any kind of powered hand screwdrivers as these may have torque settings that can be hard to decipher safe zones on. If you placed the Offline System Update files from Microsoft into the right partition in the right folder structure as per the README on the script above, your Xbox should begin the install process upon first boot.

Honestly, it will look like nothing other than an official console update patch process with a few differing initial screens. You will know very quickly if you did your work correctly because if not, this screen will greet you fairly early on in the boot process:.

But if all went well for you, your Xbox One X should go to a setup experience that is relatively similar to a set of initial option choices that looks like this:. Image Source: Windows Central. In my instance, since I went to a 2TB drive, I show a total usable space of 1. Image Source: Paul Thurrott. If the drive total space available is right sized for the drive you installed, you know that the system is working properly AND that you partitioned your drive correctly. You technically could incorrectly partition a larger drive with a smaller "partition layout" with the script above, so be sure to watch your steps.

Tearing apart the Xbox One X any more times than is necessary merely risks doing more damage to internals. Yes, everything works as intended and I've noticed no errors so far -- other than the obnoxious game crashes that PUBG sadly experiences which are unrelated to the drive upgrade. How much of a performance increase do I notice over the standard drive? Going back to a traditional stock drive would probably be a shock for me I would think. However, my original Xbox One had a 1TB SSHD that was "cloned" using the now-defunct process from years ago which means a factory reset bricked the console.

I actually re-did my original Xbox One SSHD using the new method and resold it after confirming a factory wipe wouldn't kill it. So I've technically got two consoles under my belt to confirm these steps against. One item that some are wondering: is there anyway for me to move my game files between drives? The long answer, likely yes. However, the methods for doing so are not comfortably easy even for me as an IT pro, and many people noted their mixed experiences with game files becoming corrupted after moves.

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However, for the purpose of this article and the method I've used twice now, I merely started my console from scratch on the new drive. Yes, it will entail some time to redownload files. But look at it this way: you aren't carrying over the plethora of OS update files that likely cluttered the old drive, plus the bevy of GB of game files that were possibly abandoned by the console due to age or being replaced with newer versions.

I'm not an expert on Xbox One game patching processes, but being intimately technical with how Windows on the desktop patches itself, OS update files are stored for indefinite periods even if they have been superseded. Consider it a much needed spring cleaning and ditch the old game files and let them freshly download on the new drive. If you only see one, then something went wrong. Step 3: Make it bootable After a few reboots you should be inside your new macOS enviroment.

You can always boot into it using the USB stick. Remove the USB drive after successful bootup. Also select to install the RC-Scripts. This should install the Clover Boot System. Your system should be bootable by itself. Reboot and check if your system can boot by itself. So we can skip this part and go directly to the installation of the required kexts. Open a terminal and goto the GIT folder. Otherwise your PC will not boot anymore. Again: if your PC has a Core i5 processor, search the config. You'll have to plug in a headphone to get your speakers working again. You can use VoodooHDA instead, which breaks the headphone jack most of the time, but makes the rest much more stable.

It's just more stable.

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  6. OSX You can enable this by entering sudo spctl --master-disable If you're using the 4K monitor, you'll have to copy the UHD enabling kexts to your clover directory: sudo cp. If you want to let OSX manage the power management, you'll have to do these steps: sudo cp.

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    Step 5: iServices AppStore, iMessages etc. It's pretty common that apple BANS your apple-id from iMessage and other services if you've logged in on not well configured hackintoshs! If you want to use the iServices, you'll have to do some advanced steps, which are not completly explained in this tutorial. First you need to switch the faked network device already created by step 4 to be on en0. Goto your network settings and remove every network interface. It's possible you have to call the apple hotline to get your fake serial whitelisted by telling a good story why apple forgot to add your serial number in their system.

    I personally suggest using real data from an old broken macbook. Step 6: Upgrading to macOS Update: after the latest updates in this tutorial the system should be update-proof. Some Dells have components included, which are not supported by these preconfigured files. Warning: Some people have reported multiple data losses on this machine. I suggest using time-machine whenever possible! USBInjectAll is not intended for permanent use. March UHD Kexts added, replaces perl command January Hynix SSD fix added Dell Inspiron Hello all!

    I have successfully got my Hackbook online, using USB tethering. Thanks to Herve can't use special characters, you know who you are!