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I have exactly same problem. Any ideas?

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USB Adapter: Some machine details: Still having this problem veke? I experienced this issue on OpenEmu 2.

Plugged a controller into the player 1 port on the retrolink with no controller in the player 2 port and could map each button, but no response when entering a game. I tried removing the controller from the retrolink and plugging it into the player 2 port and I don't have 2 SNES controllers so couldn't experiment a lot, but it seems I can map the controller in OpenEmu from each port on the retrolink, but when in a game only the player 2 port responds. This is so stupid it might just work for you.

Still no luck. Aha, it turns out there's something wrong with the USB port, not the adapter.

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  • Controller Adapter for SNES to USB - Tomee!

Well now I just feel silly. Haha but I can finally use a real controller to play computer games!

NES SNES SFC Controller Adapter Converter to USB for PC Mac PS3 Mayflash New | eBay

I've taken my first small step towards being a computer gamer. Glad you got it sorted out.

Retro Super Nintendo USB Controller Review (PC & MAC)

I wasn't sure what Mega Man you might be playing, but I wanted to mention that there's a free one called Street Fighter x Mega Man that uses Street Fighter characters for the boss encounters. There's also Super Mario Bros.

Help using an SNES to USB adapter?

Crossover, which is a really cool version of the game with many different level design styles and characters to use in the world of Super Mario Bros. There's also a game you can find, with some searching, called Streets of Rage Remake, that has a lot of levels and music from the different games in the series. I also tested it with my Mac and Raspberry Pi 3 and got the same plug-and-play results, although Windows is my expertise here.

This product does its job, and has allowed me to play some really fantastic emulators and ROM hacks from the comfort of my own SNES controller, thanks so much. I went through two USB controllers before finally buying this, and I would highly recommend it.

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The adapter itself is of acceptable quality, and you really can't beat the quality of an original Super Nintendo controller. This adapter works great and is made really well, I highly recommend it to anyone. Skinned this except for the cable, perfect fit in my SNES case.