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How to : Factory Reset / Hard Reset your MacBook (OS X Yosemite)

Very useful for PowerBooks! Mouse Button Held Down : Ejects any mounted removable media. Also works when booting Classic mode up just like you were using the OS natively.

On "Old World" systems the machine will simply boot into it's default OS without any Finder windows open. Really shows what's going on behind the scenes with your machine on startup! Used with later Power Macintosh systems mostly.

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I had the same problem. I have no idea why shear desperation I used the checksum tool in disk utility and cancelled it after a few minutes thinking it was pointless. After that I was able to erase and partition the drive. Good news.. I just finished my install. I just rebooted after enabling TRIM.

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However, I managed to create a single partition on the entire disk by running this command:. Any attempt to create more than one partition after that is unsuccessful. I really hope that Apple fix this because right now Disk Utility is practically useles. I don't advise TimeMachine restores after going through all this, pick files indivudually to restore.

Select the drive you want to format. Chances are, you want to format the whole drive, so you should select the drive itself, not any of its partitions. Look at the Partition Map Scheme entry.

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  • Remember: This erases everything on the drive! You can now skip directly to Step 8. In the Partition screen, click the Partition Layout pop-up menu and select the number of partitions you want.

    How to Format a Drive or Partition with the HFS+ File System

    Under Partition Information , enter a name for the partition—with a single partition, this is simply the name of the drive. Still in the Partition screen, look at the graphical partition display in the middle of the window. Select the partition you just configured, and then click the Options button. This step ensures your drive can be used to boot a Mac. Give your settings one last look. If you're sure that's OK, click Apply. You get one last warning to confirm that you really want to format the drive.

    If so, click Partition. It takes a few minutes for Disk Utility to do its thing. All Slides.

    Get ready to boot. Godt I Gang. PKG filer. Bonjour Subnets.

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