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The USB 3. All models carry a 3-year warranty. WD gave the My Passport a design that would pair well with modern Apple computers, with a textured aluminum finished along the sides and bottom. The top is black with some branding, and the edges are rounded. In terms of dimensions, it is identical to the My Passport Ultra.

There is a single USB 3.

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The bottom of the device has some branding and product information. Since this device is optimized and preconfigured for Mac, setup is quick and easy.

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The diagnose tab allows users to check for drive failures with Run Drive Status Check. There is also a Sleep Timer tab for power conservation and drive longevity; users can schedule their device to enter sleep mode after a certain amount of idle time. Users can quickly clear their device of all data with the Data Erase function.

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This reformats and renames the device, and removes any passwords that have been added. It will then automatically complete a Quick Scan of the disk. In that case, you can go straight to scanning. In either case Rebuild or Quick Scan all of your files and folders should be recovered with file names intact. If these scanning methods are unable to locate your lost files or folders, proceed with Deep Scan, this one won't be able to recover original file structures and properties though, but binary entities could be reconstructed.

Disk Drill offers standout protection options that keep your files safe and prevent any possible data loss: Guaranteed Recovery saves invisible copies of any files moved to Trash so that you can restore them whenever you need.

Apple working with WD on OS X Mavericks data loss disaster

Recovery Vault records the metadata to restore files with names and locations. Monitoring constantly keep an eye on your hard drive for any signs of failing. Once Disk Drill is done scanning, it will display all the files it has found. Review these files to be sure all of your data is there.

OS Sierra & WD NAS Drives - Apple Community

And if you did make any rescue attempts prior to using Disk Drill, then you should definitely preview your files. Do-it-yourself Mac files recovery software.

WD my Passport external hard drive Set Up Guide for Mac

Previewing is the only way to be sure your files are truly recoverable and you will want to know that before you upgrade to Disk Drill PRO. You can find detailed instructions on using the Preview function in our scanning tutorial. Disk Drill will dig deep into details with Deep Scan feature for cases when there is hardly any file structure left.

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Have you tried reinstalling the application? Make sure that you are log in as the admin on the computer and test that again. Maybe you should ask support why the installation failed.

Thanks Dan. See - http: So I publish the information here to possibly help the others on this thread who are having the same problem. Anyway the similar replacement for this app is WD Access and you can install it on Sierra. I just posted that workaround as seems to work fine and there are people that still wants to use Quick View.

No WD software is needed for local access and control of the MyCloud. All control can be done via the Dashboard.