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Is your simple jack mic expecting phantom power or an amplifier? Which Mac Mini do you have since the hardware has changed significantly since it was introduced in Car May 3 '13 at Pang 5 5 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. So something like this would be a solution? Can't tell for sure from that link it's just a picture , but it appears like that would do the right thing.

It does have the proper TRRS connector.

Microphone for a desktop Mac? - Apple Community

If that answers your question, please mark it as answered green checkmark. I purchased one of those adapters, it works with my iPhone but not with my iMac. So, it depends very much on the headset. Danijel Danijel 99 3 3 bronze badges. Kev67 Kev67 1.

So you connected two jacks one for output, like speakers, and one for input, like a microphone and they all works fine you can play music in speakers and record from microphone? Car Dec 13 '15 at Mark Mark 1. My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far. Grab it if you want to save some money as opposed to getting a Yeti.

Lifehacker mentioned it in their five best desktop mics article, too.

USB Mics for Gaming/Live Streaming

Grab it if you have a few more bucks or may want to use it like a traditional mic, otherwise it still fits neatly on your desk with the stand that it comes with. Audio-Technica is another one of our favorite brands that always brings top-quality gear. Rode is our favorite microphone creator, period. The build, stability, and overall sound quality their mics give us is immeasurable. Out-of-the-box usable, a solid condenser mic, made by Rode…what more can you ask for? Looks slick, too. Grab it with confidence.

The Best USB Microphone

The Blue Snowball is very affordable and still offers sound nice sound quality. It also has a bit of a different look and feel as seen in the photo compared to the Yeti. The sample rate is Super lightweight and snug right next to your keyboard when do your activities.

Mac Dictation Mics

The Samson has a plug-and-play operation, in which it is compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems, no drivers required. Although the mic is super compact, it still spits out a solid frequency response of 20 Hz — 18 kHz and a resolution of bit, Again, the Samson Go Mic is perfect if you need something low-profile and inexpensive and travel a lot since it folds into a wallet-size for easy storage.

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The Shure MV5 is by one of our favorite mic brands to exist, and this one is another economical and compact model that serves as one of the best USB mics for people looking for a simple plug-n-play device. It also features 3 DSP preset modes, headphone monitoring capabilities, and 2 color options so you may find the setting that fits the situation best. The Shure MV5 is tuned to capture human voice with clarity and tone — ideal for music, video voice-overs and podcast recording.

You can also read our Shure MV5 review for some more information. The next model we will talk about poises to be one of the best USB microphones for people who need something extremity low-priced to record vocals or instruments.

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The CAD U37 is a large condenser, cardioid patterned microphone that can bring the recordings directly to your PC or laptop. It has a side-address design which is popular among broadcasting, TV, and home recording studios.

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  5. The cardioid pattern on the U37 minimizes background noise and isolates the main source sound — ideal for home recording or podcasting. Its smooth, extended frequency response allow it to capture singing, speech, and instruments, while the dB overload protection switch minimizes distortion from loud sources. Almost to the end of our guide, we have the pocket-rocket MXL Tempo.

    Choosing the best USB microphone

    MXL was a little late to the USB game but they made up for it with a nice little sleek solution here. The Tempo is one of the of best USB microphones used for mobile vocal recording, so things like voice memos, on-the-fly recording, dictation or legal dispositions can be done easier with better quality. It features a lightweight, condenser design which makes it very portable so users can record vocals and other sounds on-the-go via a USB 1. For being such a small size, the Tempo still provides a solid frequency response of 40 Hz — 48 kHz — perfect for vocals, podcasts, and video chats.

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    8. The MXL Tempo also comes with a built-in high fidelity headphone jack to give the user the ability to monitor and assess their recordings.